Diversified & integrated logistics services

Gordon MRT is a cohesive group, the expansion of the devotion to the cause of the development of the logistics. To serve the purpose to help customers succeed, customs declaration, inspection, logistics, warehousing, transportation and other services. The company has a number of major routes, in particular, is the most powerful in Latin America routes, major ports throughout the world, in addition to arranging ocean air, but also provide a number of services to the door, clearance, best to satisfy the needs of customers. Your request is our motivation

  Air freight 
  Gordon MRT Air Department since its inception, has been committed ...

  Ocean shipping 
  Gordon MRT is committed to providing a range of import and export FCL ...

  Gordon mass transit in addition to shipping, air services provide advantages...

  Supply Chain
  The so-called supply chain, the supply and demand networks involved in the ...