Fast, convenient air transport services
Gordon MRT Air Department since its inception, has been committed to expanding the international air cargo transportation, airport (Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong) as a base in the world to establish a comprehensive network in Latin America, Europe, the United States, Canada, Africa, Oceania, the Middle East, , Southeast Asia and other sea airport cities have a stable network of agents. provide door-to-door service for customers worldwide. establish a close cooperative relationship with a number of airlines, freight forwarding, customs and other relevant units. Gordon MRT focus on the future, and actively expand their business globally. To provide our clients with a full range of services, and also hope to get your support and cooperation.

Hong Kong, Guangzhou as one of the world's busiest airport, the airport's route network in over 30 countries, connecting more than 30 major cities around the world, up to several million tonnes of air cargo processed each year. Goods in and out frequently, customers must be careful to choose a rich experience and a safe and reliable air transport agency to handle its precious cargo. Our air freight department, with experienced staff, together with a computerized management system, and your company to the timely and effective delivery of goods to the destination.

Specialized airfreight solutions

Our goal, in the most favorable prices, to provide the highest quality of service delivery of goods to the world's major cities. We work closely with other air cargo agents, provides maximum postage discounts to customers, combined with Gordon MRT extensive network of agents, and better play to the advantage of the international air transport. Air transport in addition to directly reach more available land connections to other inland cities in the world's major cities.

Major routes: the Latin American / European / points in North America / Middle East and Southeast Asia / international express business

Hope to have the opportunity to serve for your company, welcomed the letter calls for a starting point for air transport from China to all over the world

Sea and air transport

A multi-modal sea and air transport is a combination of the two modes of transport of maritime and air transport, the transport time is shorter than the full shipping, transportation costs lower than air. Sea and air transport to solve some special cases is as follows

1) When to go by sea can not keep up delivery, air freight costs are too high.
2) take the air transport costs are too high, the consignee agreed to extend the transit time of about 15 days.
3) air transport peak season row positions are required, usually to go to the sea and air time is also faster than air.

Sea and air transport services is Gordon MRT core product of the company since its inception, with long-standing support of the new and old customers, as well as long-term and stable cooperation with the foreign agent relationship, Gordon MRT always be able to provide customers with highly competitive market price and guarantee the quality of service. Customers at the same time to ensure delivery, while saving costs.