Value-added services

Gordon mass transit in addition to shipping, air services provide advantages for our customers, we also give more logistics solutions in support, in particular the professional value-added services, to help customers to solve problems in the transport process, the convenience of our customers.

Gordon MRT provides the following value-added services:

1, cargo insurance

Cargo insurance can guarantee the customer to avoid being the loss of goods in international transport process. Our professionals will your goods morphological case analysis, to provide the most appropriate way of cargo insurance, cargo claims service.

2, customs clearance

Gordon MRT has its own customs broker and a group of experienced customs declaration team. All the customs officers have been training qualified and familiar with the import and export business and the knowledge of the relevant documents, and have a good ability to communicate with the relevant departments. Especially good at dealing with all kinds of customs problems, versed in the customs and regulations of the relevant government departments, Act. Select the MRT Gordon customs service, will allow you to get things done work times efficiency.

- Import and export goods declaration
- Fumigation, inspection and quarantine
- Regulations Advisory
- Import clearance limited service

3, land transport services

Gordon MRT offers cheap punctual Shenzhen - Guangdong province's container transportation services, cheap punctual Shenzhen - Hong Kong tons of cars and container transportation services.

4 trade export documents

Based on the understanding of the Chinese port customs declaration, Gordon MRT can assist the customer to specify the correct trade documents, more accurate and effective audit by Customs.

Able to assist in the completion of the file:

* Certificate of Origin
* Various Shoji certification
* Import and Export the verification form
* Letter of Credit
* All kinds of documents notarized