Gordon MRT is committed to providing a range of import and export FCL services, to help customers streamline its transportation links, save distribution costs and increase economic benefits. Strive for perfection over the years, the operating principles of excellence, we have accumulated a wealth of experience in the shipping business, with global freight network, and if you want more profit margins for the company, if you are looking for a safe and reliable agency, please contact us to believe that we, steadfast steady rigorous style of work, to give your business to bring new profit growth point.

The company has been the support of a large number of well-known international shipping company, has the good relations of cooperation, not only to get help on the advantage of prices, positions guarantee FOB and port of destination is still given to most closely match, it will certainly be able to give customers The most competitive freight support. Gordon MRT addition to the most advantage of Latin America routes, including South America, the Caribbean, Central America and Mexico, has a strong network of agents, also has a long history in the world's other major national port agency support.


The bulk type declaration include three types: general trade customs processing trade declaration (incoming feed), transit declaration. Bulk cargo imports in terms of relative container, the more demanding requirements of the proxy and strict. Requires not only the expertise of the agency for bulk cargo and solid operating experience and have a rich inner harbor. Belong to any of the large-tonnage bulk cargo operation, a slight slip, is very likely to add huge cost to shippers, as the agency to strengthen the sense of responsibility is an important prerequisite to ensure that the interests of customers against loss. Gordon MRT LCL services of a group of professional personnel, to provide a full range of services to meet customer requirements.

Our maritime superiority

Develop professional shipping program for customers: We have been convinced that Gordon MRT services derived from analysis of customer needs and logistics solutions company set the selection of the services are based on a customer-specific logistics needs careful planning order to fully cooperate with the development of the overall customer service, reduce costs, and increase the economic benefits of their responsibility. From either charter booking, customs inspection, immediate delivery, transportation of goods distribution range of international logistics services so that customers can feel satisfaction when using our services.
Professional practitioners: every employee of the company to obtain a qualification certificate issued by the customs inspection and other departments, to ensure the provision of professional services. Monthly assessment expertise, and increase the effectiveness of our operator service.
3, perfect weight management system: This is a protection to meet customer needs. Each steps has strictly regulated by the person responsible, the whole set of documents from popular culture, every detail has a perfect operating system approved. To provide you with a fine at the Treasury.