Common container within size
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Container within the maximum length, width and height dimensions. Lowermost distance of height of the bottom plate surface to the tank top plate, the width of the distance between the two inner liners, and the length of the distance between the amount of box door side plate to the end wall lined plate. It determines the maximum size of the plot of the contents of the container and the cargo box.
At present, the commonly used dry container (DRYCONTAINER):

1. Outside dimensions of 20x8x8 feet 6 inches, and referred to the 20-foot container (inner diameter: 5898 * 2352 * 2390mm);

2.40x8x8 feet 6 inches, 40-foot container (inner diameter: 12024 * 2352 * 2390mm);

And more used in recent years 40x8x9 feet 6 inches, referred to as the 40-foot high cabinet.

11.8x2.34x2.68 meters. Picking gross weight is 26 tons, and the volume is 68 cubic meters.

45 foot high cabinet: plot: 13.58x2.34x2.68 meters, picking 29 tons gross weight, volume of 86 cubic meters.

The 20-foot open top container: content plot 5.89x2.32x2.31 meters gross weight of 20 tons, a volume of 31.5 m3.

The 40-foot open top container: content plot 12.01x2.33x2.15 meters gross weight of 30.4 tons, a volume of 65 m3.

20-foot flat-bottomed container: content plot 5.85x2.23x2.15 meters gross weight of 23 tons, a volume of 28 m3.

40-foot flat-bottomed container: content plot 12.05x2.12x1.96 meters, 36 tons gross weight, volume 50 cubic meters