The shipping terminology abbreviations major Incoterm
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(1)FCA (Free Carrier) 货交承运人

(2)FAS (Free Alongside Ship) 装运港船边交货

(3)FOB (Free on Board) 装运港船上交货

(4)CFR (Cost and Freight) 成本加运费

(5)CIF (Cost,Insurance and Freight) 成本、保险费加运费

(6)CPT (Carriage Paid To) 运费付至目的地

(7)CIP (Carriage and Insurance Paid To) 运费、保险费付至目的地

(8)DAF (Delivered At Frontier) 边境交货

(9)DES (Delivered Ex Ship) 目的港船上交货

(10)DEQ (Delivered Ex Quay) 目的港码头交货

(11)DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid) 未完税交货

(12)DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) 完税后交货


(1)ORC (Origen Recevie Charges) 本地收货费用(广东省收取)

(2)THC (Terminal Handling Charges) 码头操作费(香港收取)

(3)BAF (Bunker Adjustment Factor) 燃油附加费

(4)CAF (Currency Adjustment Factor) 货币贬值附加费

(5)YAS (Yard Surcharges)码头附加费

(6)EPS (Equipment Position Surcharges) 设备位置附加费

(7)DDC (Destination Delivery Charges) 目的港交货费

(8)PSS (Peak Season Sucharges) 旺季附加费

(9)PCS (Port Congestion Surcharge) 港口拥挤附加费

(10)DOC (DOcument charges) 文件费

(11)O/F (Ocean Freight) 海运费

(12)B/L (Bill of Lading) 海运提单

(13)MB/L(Master Bill of Lading) 船东单

(14)MTD (Multimodal Transport Document) 多式联运单据

(15)L/C (Letter of Credit) 信用证

(16)C/O (Certificate of Origin) 产地证

(17)S/C (Sales Confirmation)销售确认书(Sales Contract) 销售合同

(18)S/O (Shipping Order)装货指示书

(19)W/T (Weight Ton)重量吨(即货物收费以重量计费)

(20)M/T (Measurement Ton)尺码吨(即货物收费以尺码计费)

(21)W/M(Weight or Measurement ton)即以重量吨或者尺码吨中从高收费

(22)CY (Container Yard) 集装箱(货柜)堆场

(23)FCL (Full Container Load) 整箱货

(24)LCL (Less than Container Load) 拼箱货(散货)

(25)CFS (Container Freight Station) 集装箱货运站

(26)TEU (Twenty-feet Equivalent Units) 20英尺换算单位(用来计算货柜量的多少)

(27)A/W (All Water)全水路(主要指由美国西岸中转至东岸或内陆点的货物的运输方式)

(28)MLB(Mini Land Bridge) 迷你大陆桥(主要指由美国西岸中转至东岸或内陆点的货物的运输方式)

(29)NVOCC(Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier) 无船承运人