Note of the international transport of goods packaging
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The packaging is a very important factor affecting the quality of transport by the shipper itself to complete, also commissioned a professional packaging company. The packaging material of choice depends on the quality of the goods, the cargo security protection and support. Commonly used wooden boxes, cartons, etc.. The requirements of the different countries of the wooden box, some countries and regions require fumigation of wooden boxes.

Piano, ceramics, arts and crafts, such as emphasis or valuables with wooden packaging.

United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other countries, strict rules of unprocessed logs, or wood packaging must be in the original exporting country fumigation and produce the fumigation certificate, recognized by the importing country, in order to accept imports of goods. Otherwise, a fine, or to be returned to the original exporting country.

Pine wooden packaging regulations in Europe, imports of goods must be the original exporting country and Quarantine Bureau to produce: there is no proof of pests.

Wooden furniture processing do not have to do the fumigation.

Daily life of common classes of items such as books, and a variety of other appliances are available in a sturdy carton packaging, and do the best moisture-proof treatment.

Fragile items best filled with things to avoid damage.

Conditions permit, the bedding layer of waterproof supplies (for example: plastic bags, cloth, etc.) in the carton.

In the same box, the severity of the items to be reasonable with the placement, in order to carry.

Inside the last to be stuffed with filler to enrich the filling of available toilet paper, paper towels, clothing, etc., to prevent the items inside each other in the process of handling moving flip, collision damaged